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About Blu®

Who We Are
We are Blu® Creative Studio, full service creative studio based in Belgrade. Good to see you!
Honestly…we don’t like to talk about ourselves – we like to let our work do the talking for us. But we get it, you need a quick sum-up to start forming an idea about us, so here it goes…
For the past decade we’ve been supporting our clients using our experience, creativity and our know-how. We believe in the strength of creativity and power of simple ideas but above all – we believe in the power of branding! We practice custom approach for each of our clients. Our team of kick ass creatives love doing things our own way and…well, frankly…kicking ass and loving every second of it. By the way, our HQ is kick ass too! We kid you not.
Meet Our Team of

Kick Ass Creatives


Aleksandar Ivanić

Owner / Creative Director
The One Who Started it All.

aleksandar@blu.rs aleksandar@blu.rs


Filip Ruvinov

Business Development
The Organiser.

filip@blu.rs filip@blu.rs

Jelena Ćirić

Copywriter – Content Creator
The Context Giver.

jelena@blu.rs jelena@blu.rs


Jovana Cvijanović

Graphic Designer
The Kid Who Likes To Draw.

jovana@blu.rs jovana@blu.rs


Andreja Marković


andreja@blu.rs andreja@blu.rs


Jelena Veljković

Graphic Designer
The Diver.

jelena.veljkovic@blu.rs jelena.veljkovic@blu.rs