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Belgrade Festivals Centre is а cultural organization founded by the City of Belgrade which is organizing several of the most important artistic festivals that take place each year in Belgrade: BEMUS, FEST, BELEF, Belgrade Winter. Alongside festivals, CEBEF offers a concert season of artistic music and organizes other specific programmes in the field of culture upon request from the City of Belgrade.

We’ve produced number of projects for CEBEF. Basically, we’ve worked on every single one of them, from 2018. For some we did full branding services, for some video production and motion. We’ll present just the fraction of our total scope of work, because there is simply too much of it. Here are the highlights, our personal favourites.


This concert was the first project we’ve worked on for CEBEF. It marked the beginning of our fruitful collaboration, which is exactly why this project is so close to our hearts. Also, we’ve been known to play some Femi Kuti in our office. It sure was playing while we were creating the key visual. We felt we needed to use colorful element that also have strong connection to African motives.

Key Visual


Few moments from the concert

City Light


Belgrade Winter 2019

Our studio is based in Belgrade and needless to say we love our city. When the opportunity presented itself to work on a project of this magnitude for the City of Belgrade, we took it extremely seriously. It was a huge project for us and we loved every second of it.

TV Commercial

Key visuals

The idea behind this visuals was to cover different demographics and to give wide range of people opportunity to relate. We weren’t going for the glamorous, we were going for the emotional and cosy.

Locations: Logo and Animation

Belgrade Winter has a lot of events over the two month period. One of our tasks was to create logos for the three main events. We’ve kept the same style and colors as the main Belgrade Winter logo and we gave it a little bit of motion animation. It turned out pretty cool.

TV Commercial: Performers

Was it all worth it? You be the judge.

Belgrade Winter 2020: Press Conference Presentation Video

Maybe we didn’t do as much as we did in 2019. However, it only seems that way because we did a lot of motion designs. Here is just a small selection of it. Enjoy!

TV Commercial

Performers Invitation Videos


BEMUS 2019: TV Commercial

Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS is the oldest and the most prominent music festival in Serbia and one of the most distinctive classical music festivals in the South-Eastern Europe, so we were honored to take part in its 51st edition.

BELEF 2019: TV Commercial

It is difficult to say which season in Belgrade is the most beautiful. Arguably it’s the summer and that is exactly when BELEF – Belgrade Summer Festival is on. It is provocative, entertaining and educational. Never the same and never boring.

Crvena Jabuka Unplugged: TV Commercial

Crvena jabuka (Red Apple) is one of the most popular pop/rock bands in the region and they’ve been on the scene for 35 years.

Željko Samardžić – 25 Years of Love from Belgrade: TV Commercial

It’s basically impossible to find someone in Serbia who didn’t heard any song from Željko Smardžić. We are pleased to be called again from CEBEF to do our motion graphic thing on this project too.

CEBEF: 2019 Recap

120 free events. 43 locations. 800 performers. 500.000 visitors. CEBEF had a very busy and successful year. Here’s a recap video we did for them. Thank you CEBEF for your trust. We hope to work with you on many projects yet to come.

“Fresh design, quick response, great service and customer care + the overall good vibrations. Looking forward to future challenges.”

Vanja Vuksanović
Project Manager

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