The Story

EXIT Festival is one of the best Festivals in the world. That’s a fact and the fact that we’ve been given a chance to create the official visual identity for the annual 20th instalments (EXIT 2.0) blows our mind.

We are all one, even though the world situation suggests otherwise.

There are so many divisions between people that it seems new ones are being created every single day. The world is like a piece of paper torn into pieces, not whole anymore. People forgot that divisions are just an illusion and as Jo Cox suggests “We have far more in common than which divides us”.

From time to time, some things happen that remind us that, in fact, we are not torn pieces of paper but a whole thing. That’s exactly what EXIT has been doing for the past 20 years.


EXIT is not just celebrating 20 years of its existence, it’s also celebrating 20 years of what it represents: love, freedom, unity, happiness, revolution, adventure…




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Pattern that we’ve created symbolises the rich history of EXIT Festival. It shows how it grew from year to year. It also simbolises the EXIT feeling that echoes in every visitor’s mind till the next EXIT, probably even longer than that.

On top of that, the pattern follows the shape of Petrovaradin fortress and its arial view.


Key visual

Key visual celebrates unity. It connects four individuals into one. By doing so it shows that despite our differences we are all the same, in the words of Faithless – WE COME ONE!

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Photo shoot – Behind the scenes


Artist Visual

The artist are apostles of piece, love and unity. They erase the differences between people with their music. That is exactly why they are placed carefully as a connecting tissue between torn pieces of paper. Our task was to create four different styles of visual identity for four biggest stages: Main Stage, Dance Arena, Explosive Stage and Fusion Stage.

Like what you see? Let’s talk. Like what you see? Let’s talk.