The Story

Globaltel is the 4th and the newest mobile operator in Serbia. Recently they launched the brand new post paid service and that’s where our team comes in.

Our main goal was to establish continuity in their presence by creating seasonal all around campaigns. We came up with “Hello I am Globaltel” campaign as if they were new on the market even though they were founded in 2015. We felt that they needed a fresh start with continuous running of campaigns. Our team worked closely with the architectural team on the Globaltel’s first shop. We needed to make sure that the visual elements from the campaigns were implemented in the shop’s interior and exterior so that the design stays continuous.

Globaltel Shop

“I am Globaltel” Campaign

“Blu Creative Studio is our partner that takes on challenges of our day-to-day business and creates creative solutions with ease. Solutions that give tangible results.”

Ivana Tatomir
Executive Director

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