The Story

Mobeco and Put inženjering are construction companies that specialise in the production of the prefabricated concrete elements. Their capacity to produce out of the ordinary sized elements makes them unique in the region.

The client reached out to us with the request to simply film one of their convoys crossing the Ada Bridge. Now, you know we just had to expend that storyline and give it more cinematic approach. We are grateful that the client trusted our vision because the final result (in our opinion) is spectacular. This video is probably the best video our studio has produced.

KONVOJ Video (Director’s cut)

Behind the scenes video

Shooting of the video has to be logistically the most demanding project we’ve done to this date. We shot with three teams, 2 drones, 20+ GoPro cameras and one car camera. The process was nerve recking because there where no second takes which eventually made it even sweater.

Virtual 360 video

This is our first virtual 360 video. We’ve created number of virtual photo tours in the past, but this is something new. Extremely fun to try so go ahead, give it a go.

Mobeco Katalog Gif


We are presenting the first brochure, out of 4 that will be designed eventually. High quality paper with our premier usage of velvet coating. Concrete texture dominates the design, with high contrast color that pops. Each brochure will have its own color, making it distinctive.


Probably the most complex website, volume wise, that we’ve ever created. Client requested from us to modernize their existing website and to make it more user friendly. In addition, we wanted to present them in more professional light, something their previous website lacked in. We believe we’ve managed to pull it off.

View it live View it live


“It was great working with your team. I personally felt like I was on the Hollywood set. I never saw so many cameras, drones and equipments in one place. Everything you’ve done for us so far is top quality. Couldn’t be happier.”

Denis Milenović
Branch Director

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