The Story

Our collaboration with Naxi Radio is one the longest running collaborations so it goes without saying they are very dear to us. We feel like we’ve been growing together over the years. These days they have the reputation as one of the most popular radio stations in Belgrade, Serbia.

Over the years we’ve done a lot of stuff (and we mean A LOT) for their promotional purposes. We’ve created their visual identity, number of campaigns, photo shoots, custom CMS website. We’ll try to present just the small selection of that work.

Four Seasons – Photo shoot

Four Seasons – Advert



Over the years we’ve created quite a few logos for Naxi Radio and it all started with their main logo redesign. They were looking for the modern feel and we believe we delivered as the logo was created in 2009 and it’s still their official logo.


Naxi Beach & Naxi Oasis

One of the most interesting project we ever been involved in. We’ve unleashed our creativity to the fullest for this one. The events were held in front of the (at that time) biggest shopping malls in Belgrade: Ušće Shopping Mall and Delta City. The focus was, obviously, on the music acts but also on the all day entertainment. We are talking concerts, competitions, sports, creative workshops etc. Definitely the biggest logistics challenge we’ve ever had. We loved it!