The Story

Novi Sad is set to be European Capital of Culture in 2021. The title was established in order to emphasise richness and diversity of European cultures, strengthen cultural connections between citizens of Europe, connect people from different European countries, meet other cultures, promote mutual understanding and strengthen the sense of Europeanism.

We were really excited to be given a chance to work on the projects that aren’t commercially oriented. It changed our perspective and raised our creativity to a whole other level. It allowed us to take the artistic approach. We’ve worked on a few different projects: New Year 2019, Fortress of peace and Future of Europe.

Fortress of Peace

This was the first  platform we got the chance to develop from ground up. The platform promotes Novi Sad as a “Fortress of Peace” because it thematically questions the civil wars in the Yugoslav territories, the traumas and consequences that they have caused, which we still feel in the region today.

Official Video



We’ve created the whole series of the billboards with different pastel color combinations and different illustrations. All of them are extremely simple, one line style. Each one describes the peace, love, understanding, the world without guns. All powerful messages.

Beside the key visual billboards, we’ve created a number of artist billboards.

Event visuals

City Light & Posters


Press conference

Press conference was fun for us. Besides our video being played in the background over and over, we’ve also created a couple of back-walls.

Social media

We have serviced all of our client’s needs regarding the social media: profile and cover pics, post and stories, artist announcements and so on.


Дoček je u Novom Saдu: Event Promo

This is the video that started it all. Our team was in charge of editing. This project, basically, opened the door for us and allowed us to work on even more demanding and challenging projects for Novi Sad 2021.

Promotional banners


Future of Europe

Educational and circus workshops, exhibits, festivals, books, comic books, music, movie, theatre, architecture. Number of activities happened at Novi Sad in May 2019.

The focus of “Future of Europe” platform was to give the youth of Novi Sad numerous opportunities to find their own cultural interests but also, more importantly, to get them involved into creation of the new, different cultural content. The goal was to get them to learn about European values and to contribute to the new image of Novi Sad.


Key visual


Event visuals