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Probably the best known pizza restaurant in Belgrade, that is so much more than just a pizza place. It’s the biggest, that’s for sure. It’s quirky approach to the interior design gives them a unique feel. When they contacted us to do some work for them we were more than happy to jump on board and we’ve been doing it with the big smile on our faces.

We’ve quickly established a strong connection and perfect communication with Pizza Bar management. From “we need a few things done” we swiftly went to full service. We were happy to create their new website and packaging re-design, photography, video production, social media management…there is nothing we don’t do for this guys.


Pizza Bar New Belgrade – Photos

Seasonal Menu Videos



This has to be one of our favourite websites ever created. Previous to the production we’ve organised the photo shoot so it was a breeze to work with those high quality shots. The website is extremely user friendly and (we believe) joyful to look at.

Visit it live Visit it live

Business Cards

Pizza Bar Vračar – Photos


Making of Videos

Pizza Box

“You were recommended to us but we didn’t realy know what to expect. Your team has gone above & beyond for us and truly impressed us. You exceeded our expectations. Keep up the good work.”

Milica Popović
Marketing Director

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