The Story

Bespoke. Handcrafted. Timeless.
Experience of tattooing reimagened.

There are no shortcuts to greatness so KRAFT™ team took their time and spent two years in creating and developing KRAFT™ Tattoo Model 01, limited edition, bespoke and hand build tattoo bed.
High-end design, exceptional craftsmanship, finest materials and attention to details combined with incredible functionality and ultimate comfort made Model 01 a truly unique item.

Our team had to follow their lead. Nothing less than that was acceptable for us. We had to create a unique approach that matches anything associated with tattooing. Photo and video shoot set the tone and we took it from there. Hopefully we pulled it off.

“What you guys did for us is crazy good. You literally blew our mind. You got the vibe of our brand spot on. Thank you for that.”

Srđan Milanko

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